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  joint-stock company "fti-optronik"

Invites companies To work:

The assistant to manager On sales
The higher technical education
Possession of the basic appendices of the personal computer (word, excel, outlook). experience with internet.
Knowledge of bases of office-work
Ability to work with great volume of the information, initiative, ability to work in collectiveпроститутки|обмен Perfect Money USD на Qiwi RUB в автоматическом режиме.
Age 21 - 30 years
The trial period 3 months
* your resume we wait on e-mail info@novost24hr.rufti-

Of collectors Microelectronic and products
Of the man and the woman till 35 years
Term of training about 2 months
During training is paid grant
Payment price-work

Vacancies You can:

C with us on To phones In st.-petersburg:
(812) 247-46-49 (812) 247-80-38 ,

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On e-mail info@novost24hr.rufti-, On Form Of feedback

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