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      joint-stock company "fti-optronik" Is based in 1994 On the basis of Physicotechnical institute of a.f.ioffe Russian academy of sciences one of the leading research centres of russia. use of rich scientific and technical potentialproduction potentialities of some the industrial enterprises of st.-petersburg and import element base has allowed to organise serial release high-quality components and to offer them in the telecommunication market of russia at really reasonable prices.
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Production potentialities

For 10 years of our activity in the optoelectronics market:

Serial release more than 100 models laser,reception and transferring modules for fiber-optical communication lines is adjusted.
Small-scale manufacture of laser diodes and modules for iatrotechnics, security systems, illuminations and is mastered.
Manufacture of passive components for is organised.

     today among our clients the largest enterprises of russia, the cis countries and a number of the large foreign companies. without stopping on reached, we create new specialised industrial base in st.-petersburg which start will open additional possibilities on working out and industrial release the components corresponding to the best world achievements.

Distribjutorsky activity

Aspiring to give to the clients complex service, Joint-stock company "fti-optronik", along with products of own manufacture, offers wide assortment of production of the russian and foreign manufacturers, and also e e co-production "fti-optronik" and our belarus partners.
Frankfurt Laser Company (germany) in russia, we offer the advanced components of manufacture of leading western firms which have successfully passed test in our laboratories and have been selected on the best parity the price/quality.

Researches and workings out

 among the employees of firm working over creation new of components - highly skilled designers, technologists, engineers-electronics engineers and optics, talented researchers in the field of quantum electronics and the physicists of semiconductors having the higher university education and scientific degrees.

On main

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