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And we realise wide assortment of laser diodes of various models and set of devices on their basis. all spectrum of our production can be divided into four basic groups conditionally:

Components for fiber optics

       in this group are presented laser,reception and transferring modules for fiber-optical communication lines (), occupying key positions in assortment of production made by us. here you will find the advanced models high-quality components for application in digital both analogue equipment and instrumentations vols


Laser modules for
Unifrequent (dfb) laser modules for
Cwdm laser modules for spectral consolidation
Modules for duplex communication on one fibre
Pulse laser modules for optical
Photoreception modules for
Reception optical modules (prom)
Transferring optical modules ()
Priemo-transferring optical modules ()
Red laser modules with optical fibre

Red laser diodes and modules

       in this group the semi-conductor laser diodes working in a spectral range of 635-680 nanometers (red area of a spectrum) and a number of devices on their basis - laser modules with a bunch of radiation and line generators (modules enter, which objective provides development of a laser beam in a straight line).

Red laser diodes
Laser modules
Generators of line

Infra-red laser       diodes

Odnomodovye and powerful laser diodes for iatrotechnics, fiber-optical systems of information transfer, control systems processes, the security alarm system and for scientific researches.

Odnomodovye laser diodes
Powerful laser diodes

Passive components

       the wide spectrum of standard and transitive optical cords for switching of optical ports of active transmit equipment, optical cross-countries and connections, and also optical sockets, for maintenance of demountable connection of optical connecting cords and semiplugs.

Optical connecting cords
Optical sockets

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